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Get the FREE Favado Coupon App here: Its the Best Grocery List App on IOS AND Android

Check out the Favado App – which is the best grocery list mobile app!

Favado: Best Grocery List App to save time and money

How to be one of the first to get this Awesome app (we got a sneak peek before the official launch date!!)

  • Create your Favado Grocery List App account so you can create your shopping list with. All you need to do is enter your Email address
  • You will get an email to confirm your account with the link to download the IOS or Android App. Make sure to confirm your account first then download the app

Why Use the Favado Grocery List App?

  • Compare Prices – perfect for those times that you need to run and buy a few specific items and want to get the best deal.  Simply search the Favado app and find which store in your area has the best price
  • Notifications – get notified when your favorite items come on sale . You can set up alerts to notify you when stock up items come on sale!  Favado can send you push notifications when a new sale starts at any store you select!  You will truly NEVER MISS YOUR FAVORITE DEALS AGAIN!

Grocery List

How the Favado Grocery List App Works:

This app has stores that are Nationwide and Regional! So even when on vacation, you can see what’s on sale at a store you are unfamiliar with!  After you’ve created your account and downloaded the app, simply pick your favorite stores and  you can see all the sales, compare prices, and search for your favorite products!  You can search one store or all the stores you’ve selected!

Favado Best Grocery List App

Create a list of “FAVES” to see when items and brands YOU want are on sale 🙂

Best Grocery List App

Make a Grocery List

Choose the items in the app you need from your favorite stores and add them to your list. Items with the paperclip mean there are more ways to save on this product (digital, insert or printable coupons, or a special promo).  You can also add an item manually by clicking the add button in bottom right corner such as milk, etc. Once you have completed your list, email your list to yourself and you will see what coupons you need to print, cut from inserts or load into your local stores bonus card

best grocery list app

Get Notified When Your Favorite Items and/or Brands are on sale–just select yes when box pops up!

best grocery list app

Save Even More by Using Coupons… with this easy app, anyone can save more!

best grocery list app

Ready to start?

  1. Make sure to register your account at Favado
  2. After your register,  make sure  you confirm your account!  Then go to the App Store or Google Play to download Favado to your device for free
  3. Once you have the Favado app downloaded and you’re ready to start saving 30%-70% at the grocery store!

Watch this video to see how Favado works:

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You can also search for coupons for items on your grocery list here.

Just type in butter, pasta, bread, beverages or by brand..Muellers, Clorox etc!!

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